Whether you are a senior just starting to exercise, an elite athlete or somewhere in between, Wellness Pilates & Yoga applies to you.

Building core strength, focusing on proper alignment and a body/mind integrative approach makes us accessible to all. Wellness Pilates & Yoga can be tailored to your individual needs.

Our mission is to help you to achieve your maximal potential. 

"Our mind and body has not limits".


“I not only learnt so so much from the wonderful Karla, but I had so much fun as well! Karla is without a doubt an insanely amazing teacher with a truly comforting presence. Not only did she constantly challenge me to improve, but she was really optimistic and encouraging the whole way through!“. - Art student, Copenhagen, Jasmin Shahbazi.

“I love pilates with Karla - no two classes are ever the same which is SO important in order to continue feeling motivated. Karla is sweet, passionate and has a good sense of humor which makes every class a great way of starting - or finishing my day“. - Copenhagen, Christina Wex.

“I just love training with Karla. I always feel I worked out well after a class with her. At the same time she has a great focus on detail and doing things in the right position to get most out of the exercise and not to do any damage to the body. And what a great personality she has - her optimism which she is just shining through her every lesson can bring you through any hardship of exercising with ease!“. - Chief analyst Denmark's Public Housing, Copenhagen, Kristine Vasiljeva.

“Karla Garay has been my Pilates and Reformer trainer for over 6 months. Her classes has always been motivated, professional and fun. She is very skilled within her area – you see that immediately. She meets her clients where we are, and she cares about us. Always smiling and she is stable – you can count on her attendance. Karla is one of my absolute favorite trainers, I just love her classes – always looking forward to train with her. I give her my best recommendation”. - Painter, Copenhagen - Anita Nielsen.

“Thank you Karla for the time I got to spend training for you. You are fantastic with your unique competence, that you can adapt and customize each workout depending on the physical status that day. Training for you has not only given me a strong body, I’ve also had so much fun! We miss you in Stockholm!!🌸”. - Stockholm, Hélène Åstrom.

"I started doing pilates 7 years ago as part of my recovery after a skiing accident. Since then I've worked with great teachers but I can honestly say that none of them has been like Karla! She really has a passion for what she does and the amount of exercises and modifications she knows are never-ending, which means that no pain or injury can stop her from making sure you get a full body workout at the level that suits you that specific day. Many classes started out with me having a bad headache or feeling pain or tension in my neck, and every single time I walked out feeling a lot better. I called it my therapy hour for my body and mind, a one in all kind of package! Since starting working out with Karla I have gotten a lot stronger and as a bonus my headaches are almost gone. If you want to have fun while having an amazing workout you've found the right person and can stop looking now". - Self-employed, Stockholm - Louise Åstrom.

"I feel very lucky to have Karla as my Pilates instructor. Karla has a great knowledge of the body. She always seems to find the perfect exercise for me. I highly recommend her". - Project manager. - Project manager, Stockholm - Erica Wikberg.

"I have worked along side Karla as a colleague and have had the pleasure to enjoy her pilates classes as well! She is very experienced and i knowledgeable teacher who works with the person in front of her and is trained to work with clients with injuries and pathologies. She is an inspiring teacher always looking at the individual in the classroom. She mixes hard work with laughter and makes every class a great experience!". - Pilates instructor, Stockholm. Julia Liedbergius.

“Karla taught me Pilates for over 2 years and in that time not only did my physical strength improve, but I also made a new friend. Karla is an amazing teacher who is able to intuitively help a range of different clients, catering to each persons needs. She is a caring person who genuinely wants to help you work on your overall wellbeing. I particularly enjoyed the variance in exercises each week and how Karla was constantly adapting them to suit my progress. I could not recommend a better Pilates instructor! My only wish is that we still lived in the same City!“. - Sydney - Immie Grieve.

“Karla was my Pilates teacher twice a week for more than two years. She was intuitive and clever and always knew how to deal with every little niggle that I arrived with, as well as devising a program to make sure I was always extended and progressed. She is a gentle and lovely person and cares greatly about the well being of her clients. I couldn't recommend her highly enough” - Physiotherapist, Sydney - Diana S.

"I feel so lucky to have found Karla! As someone who has practiced Pilates off and on (mostly off), Karla was very patient as I once again gained my comfort with the training. She has a great knowledge of the body and was able to help me connect my body with my mind in order to better understand the purpose and full value of each movement. She's also fantastic if you have any injuries and can easily find the necessary modifications. I'd highly recommend her!" - Marketing Google, Sydney - Elizabeth Freeman.

"Karla is the best Pilates instructor I have ever met. Her explanations about the exercises helped me to understand what is Pilates. Thank you, Karla. I'll see you next week... ;-)" - IT Professional, Sydney - Javier Camasara.

"Karla is an expert in her field. She is extremely knowledgable and is a great teacher. I visited Karla thinking that it would be a simple Pilates one on one class, I was wrong. Karla gave me a comprehensive evaluation of my body's weaknesses and strengths. I then went away equipped with knowledge of and exercises on how to improve those trouble areas. I recommend Karla to anyone just starting out on their fitness journey or a seasoned fitbit like myself." - Chef, Sydney - Courtney Farrow.