Tea & Yoga Retreats

Day retreat includes: Welcoming tea and introductions to fermented Korean herbal tea. Morning and afternoon Yoga classes. Exploring around the Castle. Vegetarian lunch from fresh local markets. Meditative tea ceremony. Sum-up with tea and organic snacks.


Yoga Vinyasa

You will be guided through different asanas creating magical transitions, finding the flow of every movement with the breath. The possibilities are endless to build strength and also stretching deeply into your muscles. - Let’s flow and move together!


Tea ceremony

Japanese tea ceremony, established in the 16th century by the Zen monk Sen no Rikyou. Where art and spirituality meet each other in a demanding discipline that takes many years to learn and understand. More info https://singtehus.dk


Gjorselv Castle, Copenhagen.

We invite you to a stunning and unique day retreat at the Gjorselv Castle built in 1390. Surrounding by beautiful nature and 1 hour driving from Copenhagen.